Jewelry surfaces

It's time to talk about the surfaces of our products. Here we show you the differences, tell you the advantages and features of each surface, or how we say each "top".

1. Gloss and matte
Matte jewelry is very pleasant to the touch. On matte jewelry, the color inside the engraving looks contrasting and bright, which cannot but attract the eye! However, the matte top loves to be handled gently. Scratches of other metals may appear on it, so we do not recommend choosing a matte top for rings whose surface does not contain engraving.
Gloss shines on so bright that you can see your reflection! Titanium gloss, of course, the stronger the luster of gold and/or silver, but still prone to scratches. Fortunately, the glossy finish is easy to restore in any jewelry shop.
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2. Black rough and light rough
The rough black surface looks stylish and unusual. However, it also requires special attention. It is necessary to exclude close contact with silver products and products made of other soft metals, as an abrasive black top can leave a mark on them.
A light rough surface for lovers of more classic jewelry options, but it also looks quite unusual. It is a more durable and unpretentious option than all the previous ones. Suitable for large flat surfaces without engraving.
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3. Textured "rusty" and chaotic satin
Textured rusty reminds of rusty iron, suitable for those who like everything unusual and ideal for large jewelry.
Chaotic satin, the lines on the product are located not evenly, but in an arbitrary trajectory. It can be applied to many products, but it is better to choose it for jewelry with minimal engraving, the line pattern will appear better on them.
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4. Colored and colorless satin
Unlike chaotic satin, here the stripes run in an even clear pattern. Satin is the most durable surface. Satin can be made in any color from our full list.
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5. Textured surfaces
And everything else we call "textured color" or textured "black" :)))
Some of our products have a designer surface. These are cavities, and texture "like a stone", and edges, and imitation of texture "scales" and much more ... These products can also be painted in black or other colors at your request.
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For all questions about surfaces or colors of products, you can write to us by mail in the feedback form.