How to choose the size?

In the case of rings, size matters. Primary. Let's figure out how not to be mistaken with it.

There are two methods for correctly determining the size of the ring:
- Go to a jewelry store and ask to measure your finger with a special "finger gauge", then there, in the store, you need to try on any ring of your size and required width. This method is the most accurate.

You should understand that if a ring of the same width is comfortable for you, it is not a fact that a ring of a larger width will be as comfortable to wear.
- Acceptable option is to measure the ring you already have with a vernier caliper. In the Russian standard, the size of the ring is equal to the diameter in mm.

We cannot make recommendations for choosing the size of the ring based on the photo of the finger, since everyone's fingers are not identical.

Important: the main difference between titanium and precious metals is that it does not deform with prolonged wear. That is why the titanium ring cannot be stretched or reduced in size. The titanium ring can only be slightly bored by increasing its size, if only the wall thickness allows.

We ask you to take a responsible approach to the choice of the ring size.

We will make a ring exactly according to the size you received.