Questions and answers

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How to choose the size of your ring?
Detailed instructions are described on the page how to choose the size of the ring.
Can I make an order according to my sketch?
Yes, just write by mail or in the feedback form in the following format:

  • Detailed technical specification of the product
  • Picture / sketch
  • Dimensions, materials and whatever you see fit

Please note that making individual orders ALWAYS takes at least a month.
What titanium we use at work?
In Russia, for the production of dental implants, they use commercially pure titanium of the VT 1-0 and VT 1-00 grades (GOST 19807-91). We use different titanium alloys for different products, mainly VT 1-0.

Purchases are made from trusted suppliers and we control the quality of the raw materials obtained and, if in doubt, we check the metal using a spectral analyzer.

Titanium jewelry does not need to be branded in the assay office, but you can submit your product for an independent examination and check the quality yourself.
How to care for titanium jewelry?
You can always contact us for any questions regarding our products. It does not matter when and how you received our jewelry or you are just planning to purchase them - we will fully advise you. We are not responsible for any jewelry experiments you may have outside of our knowledge.
What if my jewelry is different from the photos in the catalog?
Each product is handmade, so it will be different, because each master works in an individual technique. Slight differences may be in the color or engraving of the items.

If you have any comments on the quality of the products, we kindly ask you to contact us.
Can I order engraved jewelry?
On request, we can add elements to the product using laser engraving.

Cost of engraving is 40 dollars. per product. You can use any font from To discuss the text write to us.