Brass Tokens Destiny2 Forsaken


  • Material: brass. 
  • Manufacturing: handmade.
Tokens may have only gold color. 
This token is made of brass, brass can not take any color except of golden color. Contact us for more details!
All our tokens are double sided: on one side they have Gambit (snakes) on the other it may have Fallen, Gambit, Hive, Scorn, Vex, Cabal.
Each of the products is handmade, from an idea to the embodiment of this idea in brass!
We make for you an individual piece of jewelry with those characteristics that are important and necessary exclusively for you.
Therefore, due to the peculiarities of handwork, as well as changes in color, size, material and width of the jewelry, it may turn out to be different from those shown in the photo.
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